BAC Romania | Track Recordbullet

Ten years of presence in the region

case study


bulletSitel Group: Privately-owned quality foods distributor

Transaction cornerstones

  • BAC Romania successfully coordinated the sale of one of Romania's top niche quality foods distributors
  • Organized a transparent, competitive sell-side process that lasted 13 months from start to finish
  • Though BAC contacted well over 200 potential investors initially, there was little interest in the company, with only a handful of parties expressing interest in Sitel throughout the process
  • The key to the transaction was an open dialogue between the sellers and the ultimate buyer, with BAC actively representing the sellers and bridging the gap between buyer and seller as needed
  • BAC actively participated in negotiations that lead up to the signing of the contract between the parties, and also followed up on all outstanding issues that had to be resolved before closing